How Well Do You Know Canadian Law? Take Our Quiz

august 30, 2021 | family
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Here's a quiz about some very common situations you may come across: moving day, a garage sale, a bar fight (yikes!) and more. Answer all five questions and then check the answers at the end. Let us know how you did by posting your score out of 5 to our social media pages. Tag anyone you want to challenge.

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1. You’re in Toronto and you’ve got a LOT of stuff to sell. How many garage sales can you hold per year?

a) One a day

b) One a week

c) Twice a year

d) As many as I want, obviously!

2. How many Montreal households move on or around July 1 every year?

a) 1,200

b) 12,000

c) 120,000

d) 1,200,000

3. Your shop in Vancouver has been tagged by graffiti artists. How long do you have to remove it before the City does it for you — and sends you the bill?

a) One day

b) 10 days

c) 21 days

d) Never. Vancouver likes street art

4. Someone who has been annoying you all night asks you to step outside to settle matters once and for all. You agree, and with one swing, you knock him out cold. You get a few more punches in to teach him a lesson. Are you in trouble with the law?

a) No way! He asked for it. And got it!

b) No, it was a fair fight with fists. He just lost

c) Yes, because you can’t fight everyone who asks

d) Yes, you’re in trouble because he was down and unconscious and you went in for more

5. You are very excited about your first purchase with cryptocurrency. But now you’re wondering: Is this legal in Canada?

a) Ah, no it’s not. Just because you see something is popular online, doesn’t make it legal

b) Your purchase is fine but cryptocurrency is not legal tender in Canada

c) You can purchase goods and services but you cannot legally mine for cryptocurrency in Canada

d) Using cryptocurrency is legal. It’s tax-free. And I’ll do what I want with it!

1. c)  Hard to believe, but true!
2. c)  Roughly 4% of the city switches homes on July 1
3. b)  You have 10 days to remove graffiti from the time you received a notice from the City.
4. d) R. v Jobidon is the landmark case that ruled you can consent to a fight with no problem, but once your opponent is down or has obviously lost, and you continue to harm him, it becomes a criminal act.
5. b) Only bank notes issued from the Bank of Canada are legal tender. Cryptocurrency is considered a commodity. And yes, you can mine it. And yes, transactions are taxable.

The take-away

Signing up for an affordable plan with LegalShield Canada means you don’t have to worry about whether or not you are abiding by the laws where you live: our lawyers will handle that for you. Don’t forget to post your quiz results on our social media pages! And if you want more quizzes, let us know that, too.

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