What A Lawyer Can Do For You Right Now

april 19, 2021 | small business
What a lawyer can do for you

Unless you have a lawyer in the family, it’s likely that your first impression of the legal profession came from TV or movies. If you are of a certain age, it may have been Perry Mason or Matlock, and if you’re a bit younger, perhaps it was Lionel Hutz or Saul Goodman.

Regardless of which fictional lawyer you remember most, chances are, they made quite an impression on you, whether by being passionate or relentless, or in one notable case, dancing with a hologram (Ally McBeal). The media has not done a fantastic job of accurately representing what lawyers actually do and how they can help you personally and professionally.

Lawyers help your business


Lawyers in real life are there to guide and support you, and not only in an emergency, although they are there for those situations, too. There are legal professionals to help you onboard new employees and create COVID-19-compliant work policies. Lawyers can make sure your new business name can be trademarked and that the intellectual property you worked so hard to develop is protected (copyright, for example).

Legal professionals can help you close the deal on your dream home or any other property. They can draft a commercial lease for the café or the franchise you’ve always wanted, and make certain you and your partner(s) are safeguarded with a shareholder’s agreement. And should you have trouble recovering fees owed to you, a well-worded demand letter sent by your lawyer can often move things along.

The list of ways a lawyer can help you is almost endless: Do you need advice on how to turn a great idea into a start-up? Do you want to know how zoning works or how to obtain the necessary licenses for your business? Have you received a service contract that is hard to understand? Have you been approached by someone interested in investing in you – or maybe you’re looking at acquiring something new?

No matter the situation, if you want an experienced professional on your side, that is what lawyers do best.


Lawyers help you personally, too

We’ve looked at some of the ways a lawyer can help you professionally, but they are ready to support you personally, as well. So many common stresses come from your day to day life – your landlord, a home contractor, your cellphone provider, or the Canadian Revenue Agency (or some other tax authority). As adults, we have a lot to contend with.

There are many situations where you may feel like you have less bargaining power than the person you have to deal with and this can be extremely frustrating. A lawyer can help lessen this stress by bringing experience and professionalism to your side. All you have to do is get in touch.

Being properly represented is especially important in family situations. Whether you are considering divorce and want to know what comes next, or you require more information about child support or custody, a competent lawyer can be of great help at a difficult time.

And if you do find yourself in an emergency situation, lawyers are available to protect your rights and guide you through the process. This includes being detained by authorities, receiving a warrant, search and seizure, and a number of other situations where proven professional legal advice may be required.

The take away

Whether you need advice for your business or your personal life, having access to a lawyer who will work for you competently and confidentially is important. LegalShield offers Personal and Business memberships, where you can consult a licensed legal professional right where you live, for times when you feel guidance and support would make your situation better. There is even 24/7 emergency support in some cases. Legalshield offers both business options and Individual options.


Once you sign up for a LegalShield membership, here are some tips on making the process as smooth and efficient as possible. Before you call LegalShield:

1.     Make sure you know the relevant details about your situation

2.     Keep all relevant documents

3.     Have your LegalShield membership number on hand

4.     Call in advance, if it’s not an emergency

5.     Be clear and concise when discussing your needs

6.     Write your questions down in advance and then ask your lawyer

7.     Keep in mind, your lawyer may not be able to evaluate your case on the spot. Time may be needed to plan the best strategy for you.


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