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What is a LegalShield Plan and How Does it Work?

Instead of paying a lawyer expensive hourly fees, you pay a small monthly fee and get access to experienced lawyers that can help you with any legal issue.
With LegalShield, you get legal help, not a huge legal bill.

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Individuals & Families

Get coverage for you and your loved ones in case of accidents, life events, or just simple document reviews.

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Make sure your company has the help it needs with document reviews, debt collection, and more.

Have asked for consultations several times and have always received excellent advice. Knowledge is power and this last time, I called because i'd lost everything in a house fire and was having trouble with the rebuild. I have since met with the Ins company and builder and since I knew what to say and what documentation to have, the meeting went perfectly and looks like all of my issues will be resolved. This time was more difficult to navigate because it was a little harder to keep emotion out of the equation with losing everything we owned. But no one died and I'll get my home rebuilt and I truly appreciate your help. Thanks!
Susan S
Canadian Member