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Employment Problems? Know Your Employer Rights & Protect Yourself

If you are struggling with workplace discrimination, sexual harassment or unemployment claims, an employment lawyer can help you understand and take steps to protect your rights. 

For as little as $29.95 per month, a provider lawyer will speak to you about your situation, provide legal advise, and much more.

Legal Protection for Employment Law Matters

Your legal personal plan allows you to contact your provider lawyer to get support with any personal employment law issue and 24/7 emergency assistance is included for covered legal emergencies. 

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End Workplace Harassment and Discrimination

If you have been the victim of discrimination or are currently experiencing any form of harassment at your place of work, you should contact an employment lawyer. You don’t deserve and don’t have to put up with that type of treatment.

At the very least, a provider lawyer can provide the legal guidance you can use to properly document abuse, file complaints correctly and receive immediate relief. Should circumstances require a higher level of support, LegalShield's provider lawyers can review relevant documents, make a phone call or even write a letter on your behalf.

A LegalShield membership provides affordable access to provider lawyers who can help solve difficult employment problems.

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Get the Money and Benefits You’re Entitled To

Have you been denied unemployment or workers' compensation benefits? Has your employer failed to follow the Family Medical Leave Act? Did your boss violate your employment contract by failing to approve vacation or overtime benefits to which you are entitled?

Resolving disputes with an employer can be tricky. You don’t want to put yourself in jeopardy of being fired, but you want to receive what you're entitled to. By working with an employment lawyer, you can have a trusted third party that understands the law and can handle the situation for you if needed.

Getting a provider lawyer can reduce your stress and help you seek a favourable outcome. With a LegalShield personal legal plan, your provider lawyer can not only provide advice, but they can also review employment contracts, write letters and make phone calls to help ensure you get everything you were promised.

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Have a Lawyer Helps You Win Employment Law Cases

Don’t go into battle unprepared or out outgunned. Employers have lawyers, you should too.

Whether related to discrimination, harassment, or financial compensation, many employment disputes end up in court or at a special hearing to be decided by arbitrators. Should this happen to you, you need competent legal representation to defend your rights and make sound legal arguments to win your case.

If your income has been negatively impacted, it may seem like a stretch to hire a private lawyer to help you. With LegalShield, you can put your financial concerns aside. For a small monthly fee, you’ll have access to experienced employment lawyers that can make sure you get justice.

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My employer had owed me 4 hours pay for 6 weeks and wouldn't return my calls. I contacted LegalShield, they sent a letter to employer and I received payment the next week.

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