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Affordable Family and Divorce Lawyers

Whether it’s a billing dispute with a utility company, an argument with a home contractor, a real estate scam or foreclosure complication, consumer fraud or identity theft issue due to unfair business practices or a scary audit by the CRA, problems that involve your money can create a tremendous amount of stress - something you don’t need any more of during the coronavirus pandemic!
If you think you’ve been subject to scams or fraudulent or deceptive business practices, you may be wondering what you can do if your rights have been violated. Consumer protection laws give individuals the ability to hold those individuals or businesses accountable with the aid of a consumer law lawyer versed in consumer complaints and consumer protection laws. 

Your personal legal plan allows you to contact your lawyer to get legal advice, letters and calls, document review and more for an unlimited number of personal legal matters related to family law.

  • Prenuptial Agreements
  • Name Change
  • Home Purchase
  • Estate Planning for Couples
  • Divorce
  • Separation
  • Annulment
  • Alimony/Maintenance
  • Child Support
  • Child Custody
  • Adoption
  • Visitation

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Get Divorced With Less Hassle and Conflict

Even if your divorce is uncontested and relatively low drama, making long-term decisions should not be rushed or taken lightly.

To make good choices, it’s important to understand how the divorce process works, how long it takes and your rights and responsibilities. Divorce can require you to assemble financial information, file documents in the proper jurisdiction, negotiate with your spouse and a slew of other potentially overwhelming tasks. You don’t have to go it alone.

Working with a divorce lawyer that can answer questions, guide your decision making and help you prepare documents can make your life much easier. A LegalShield membership allows you to speak with a family law lawyer for a fraction of normal legal fees and they can relieve much of the burden by handling an uncontested divorce on your behalf.

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Make Sure the Best Interests of Your Children are Addressed

If your divorce involves children, the stakes are high. Ensuring child custody and child support are fair to all parties and represent the best interests of your children may require help from an impartial third party, like a mediator. For the sake of your kids (and to avoid future legal problems and/or court hearings), you need to get this done properly.
Modifying existing child support or child custody orders post-divorce can also cause anxiety. Rather than wrestling with confusing court forms and getting into arguments with your former spouse, you can dramatically reduce your stress by hiring a family lawyer to handle the situation.
Whatever your circumstances, having access to a LegalShield provider lawyer for child custody, child support, and related family matters can help you rest easier.

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Adoption, Name Changes and More

Adopting a child can be one of the most rewarding and special steps a person can take. Trying to get through the paperwork and procedures, not so much.

Deciding to change your or your child’s name is a big decision. 

Eliminate all stressing and guessing by getting a LegalShield legal plan. For one small monthly fee, you can have access to a provider lawyer to help with adoption, name change, and more.

Shanna Z.
LegalShield Member
Divorce with children is never easy, especially for the children. Having a provider firm that is caring and empathetic towards my personal situation has taken a bit of the burden and stress off me. That has freed me up to be the mom I want to be for my children, without the worry of the divorce process. I couldn't be more grateful for the help and support I've received from them! Kudos to such an amazing team of professionals who haven't forgotten the power of human kindness!

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