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Personal Plan Highlights

  • Speak with your lawyer on an unlimited number of personal legal issues

  • Your lawyer can make calls and write letters on your behalf

  • Your lawyer can review contracts and draft documents

  • One plan covers your whole family, including pre-existing issues

  • There’s no risk to try. You can cancel your plan at any time, for any reason

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I find the firm to be responsive very promptly and extremely helpful, even if I have to make multiple phone calls regarding the same issue because I have thought of more questions to ask!
Jennifer S
Canadian Member

How It Works

For a small monthly fee, your Personal Plan includes four key areas of legal protection:

Provide Advice
  • You can speak with your lawyer on an unlimited number of personal legal issues to get legal advice.
  • Lawyers return calls within 4 hours or less after initial contact and are available 24/7 for emergency situations.          
Represent You
  • Your lawyer can make phone calls and write letters on your behalf to help solve legal problems.
  • Also, your lawyer can defend you at trial and represent you in a variety of other legal proceedings.
Review Documents
  • Your lawyer can review and provide feedback on an unlimited number of personal legal documents.    
  • Your membership covers any personal legal documents up to 15 pages in length with no extra or hidden fees.
Draft Documents
  • You get a lawyer drafted Standard Will, Living Will and Power of Attorney plus yearly updates.    
  • Your lawyer can draft other kinds of documents too, such as residential loan paperwork.                   
Recently I had a problem with a Real Estate Professional. My LegalShield lawyer stayed on top of the situation and even called on their own to check and see how I was doing! Now that is professional on another level. It showed me that my lawyer cared not only about my case, but about me as a human being (which lawyers are rarely known for). Thank you LegalShield for a job being well done!
LegalShield Member

Top Benefits of Our Personal Legal Plan

We provide 24/7 emergency access to a lawyer for situations where you and your family are at the greatest risk.

  • Get peace of mind by having a lawyer help you resolve legal issues.

  • Save thousands of dollars over hiring a lawyer by the hour.

  • Get 24/7 access to your lawyer in covered emergency situations.

  • No risk. You can easily cancel your plan at any time, for any reason.

  • Get discounts from brands you love and save more than the cost of the plan!

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Most Common Uses of Our Personal Legal Plan

While there there is no personal legal issue our plan does not cover one way or the other, the following sections provide detailed examples of the most common uses.


Consumer Finance Issues

The comforts of modern society often generate a variety of unwanted legal issues. From billing disputes with utility companies to arguments with unscrupulous home contractors, your LegalShield Personal Plan can help protect your rights, reduce stress and save money. Here are a few examples.

  • Have your lawyer review contracts from companies you’re having a dispute with and provide you specific advice on how to resolve the situation.

  • Have your lawyer make calls to resolve disagreements with banks, medical professionals, car dealerships or other organizations.

  • Have your lawyer write letters to recover fees you’re owed or to negotiate the terms of a settlement between you and another individual.

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LegalShield saved me over $300 by writing a letter to my [my internet provider] getting me out of a 24-month contract due to several issues. [My provider law firm] is also helping me out with my Will! Thank you
Michael B.
LegalShield Member
[My provider lawyer] was great to work with. He listened and very quickly understood exactly what happened to us at the [local car] dealership. The letter he composed was enough to leverage the dealership to step up and take responsibility for their shortcomings during the service of the vehicle. Thank to [my provider lawyer] the dealership agreed to provide the 12 month/12,000 mile warranty. Thank you
Colin C.
LegalShield Member

Traffic Violations and Accidents

It’s nearly impossible to drive a vehicle for any number of years and not have some legal issue pop up. Next time you have a run in with the police, another driver or a “friendly” meter maid, call your LegalShield lawyer and get a better outcome.

  • Speeding Tickets: Contact your lawyer and they will represent you. They may be able to avoid points, save your license and save you time and money.

  • Crashes: Help dealing with insurance companies, other drivers and the police is covered by your plan. Rest easy as we take care of difficult accidents.

  • Lost License: You have up to 2.5 hours of lawyer time to help you get a driver’s license reinstated.

  • Protect Your Rights: Your lawyer may be able to reduce impact on your driving record and help you deal with repair shops, medical bills and more.

I was involved in a car accident a few weeks ago and I thought it would be a good idea to run a few things by a lawyer. [My provider lawyer] called me back within the time frame promised and was very helpful. I expected to be rushed through the discussion and pressured for further counsel at additional cost; however, that was not the case at all! We walked through a response strategy to the insurance company and he gave me some things to watch out for in my discussions with them. As a result of the excellent advice received, I was able to prove to the insurance company that I was not at fault and now thousands of dollars of work on my truck is getting fixed free of charge to me! Thank you LegalShield!
Josh M.
LegalShield Member

Estate Planning

One of the best benefits of LegalShield is that our standard plans include valuable estate planning advice and documents at no extra charge.

  • Standard Will: Your lawyer will collect information from you, draft a Standard Will and provide consultation about the document.

  • Power of Attorney: Your lawyer can prepare a Power of Attorney and consult with you to ensure your family's health care wishes are protected.

  • Living Will: Your lawyer can create an advanced health care directive document for every covered member in your family.

  • Advice and Yearly Updates: Your lawyer can review and update your documents each year and provide advice on related estate issues.

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Had no idea what a Power of Attorney letter was until my son's grandmother asked me to get one made while he's out of state with her. I just want to thank LegalShield for providing me with that document for free because I asked the lawyer how much would this have been outside of LegalShield, she said $800 for consultation $400 for sending information to her and $1,400 for the document being created I'm like woooooooooow I just saved $2,600. That’s why I love LegalShield.
Shanikque Holmes
Member and Independent Sales Associate

Landlord / Tenant

LegalShield plans cover both landlords and tenants. So, whichever side of the fence you’re on, your lawyer can help resolve disputes lickety split.

  • Lease Review and Negotiation: If you’re a renter, you can have your lawyer review a lease and help ensure you negotiate a good deal.

  • Disputes: Your lawyer can review any documents in question, provide advice by phone, or make calls and write letters on your behalf to help settle disagreements.

  • State Law Advice: Every state has different laws governing the rights of landlords and tenants. Since LegalShield has law firms covering every province, you can get help no matter where you live.

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We called about a tenant who violated the lease agreement while renting one of our rental properties. The lawyer informed us of our rights and options for this matter and instructed us on the best way to handle this situation going forward. We were completely lost but thanks to the Provider Law Firm, we can now proceed with confidence. Thank you LegalShield for providing a service that would have cost us several thousands of dollars to get this advice and assistance. The money saved has paid for our membership and our children's membership for a lifetime. We will never be without our LegalShield membership.
Alger J.
Member and Independent Sales Associate

Family Law and Divorce

Family law issues are often some of the most difficult to deal with from an emotional standpoint. Having the comforting hand of a competent lawyer to guide you through the process will reduce stress, protect your rights and minimize damage to any children involved. All while saving you money on legal fees.

  • Advice and consultation: As always, you can contact your lawyer to get advice about divorce, child custody/support or other family law issues.

  • Uncontested Divorce or Separation: Have your lawyer represent you in any proceedings related to uncontested divorce or separation.

  • Uncontested Name Change or Adoption: Get document support and lawyer representation to successfully complete these processes.

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Divorce with children is never easy, especially for the children. Having a provider firm that is caring and empathetic towards my personal situation has taken a bit of the burden and stress off me. That has freed me up to be the mom I want to be for my children, without the worry of the divorce process. I couldn't be more grateful for the help and support I've received from them! Kudos to such an amazing team of professionals who haven't forgotten the power of human kindness!.
Shanna Z.
LegalShield Member

Real Estate

Buying and selling real estate involves huge, life altering decisions and reams of paperwork. In other words, exactly the time you want to have a lawyer help you steer clear of landmines and protect your financial well-being for the long- term.

  • Residential Loan Document Assistance: Your lawyer can provide advice about different types of loans, draft your loan documents and consult with you during the transaction.

  • Dispute Resolution: If you’re having an issue with a neighbour, a tenant or your bank, your LegalShield lawyers are only a phone call away.

  • State Law Advice: Whether you’re about to sign a contract or have questions about the real estate professionals you’re dealing with, you can work with your lawyer on negotiation, contract language and more.

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real estate

Every Area of Law is Covered by Your Plan

You can call your lawyer to get help with any personal legal issues.
Many more legal issues not listed below are covered too!


CRA Audits
Back Taxes
Letters from the CRA
Representation in Court


Collection Dispute
Credit Card Debt
Credit Score Issues


Patent and Trademark
Malpractice Cases
Immigration Issues


Detained by Authorities
Search and Seizure
Served with a Warrant
Province Tries Take Your Children


Workers Compensation
Salary Disputes
Credit Score Issues
Labor Law

Trial Defence

For Civil Lawsuits
Representation at Trial
Trial Preparation
Advice and Counsel

Ready to Join?

One membership covers your whole family,
and you can cancel at anytime

Your Membership Includes:

Consultation on unlimited personal legal issues
Demand letters & phone calls
Unlimited personal legal contract review (up to 15 pages each)
24/7 Emergency assistance
A lawyer drafted Will, Living Will and Power of Attorney + yearly updates
Trial defence services
Uncontested adoption, divorce and separation assistance
Help with CRA audits and residential loan documents
Consumer finance issues related to collections, warranties and guarantees

Speak to a Lawyer in as Little as 15 Minutes*

Starting at


 *For Emergency Situations

If you’d prefer to speak to a human, Contact us now.

Personal Plan Supplements

If you own a home business, are a consultant or have a rental property or need more trial coverage—you might want to consider these optional Personal Plan Supplements. Add these supplements to your plan at checkout or click to learn more below.

Home Business
  • Unlimited Business Consultation on legal and non-legal matters
  • Includes Pre-Existing Conditions
  • Legal review of 3 contracts/documents per month
  • CRA Audit Legal Services 
Trial Defence
  • Covers the member and their spouse
  • Additional 100 hours of trial defence
  • 75 hours of trial time & 25 hours of pre-trial time
  • Trial defence hours are added each year of active membership
icon of car with a map on phone
  • Representation for traffic violations
  • Upload tickets right in our app
  • Support for suspended license
  • CRA Audit Defence Services

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