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Real Estate Legal Services & Advice

Buying and selling real estate involves huge, life-altering decisions. Having an attorney help you steer clear of landmines and protect your financial well-being is important.

For as little as $29.95 per month, you can get legal assistance with a variety of real estate-related issues including getting legal advice, mortgage document review and even help to resolve disputes

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Ensure a Smooth Transaction When Buying or Selling a Home

While brokers can assist with most parts of a real estate transaction, there are situations where you may need advice from an experienced real estate lawyer to get the deal done. This includes working out a fair deal when hiring a broker in the first place.

Some provinces require a real estate lawyer to be at the closing. Sometimes there are problems found during the inspection that are not easily resolved. Also, it’s common for problems to pop up with appraisals, liens or other issues that can bring a transaction to a screeching halt. Tight timelines and a large amount of money involved can turn small hiccups into stressful situations.

LegalShield personal legal plans allow you to get advice about any aspect of your transaction to help keep things moving to and through closing. If you are the buyer, your provider lawyer can even draft your loan documents for no additional fee. Keep your transaction friction-free by having access to a real estate provider lawyer in your back pocket.

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Get Legal Advice and Document Review for Home Improvement Contracts

If you’re about to hire a home improvement contractor, you may have questions about their license, whether you need to pull building permits or whether their contract is fair and protects your interests. Since the home contracting industry has a relatively high rate of complaints, it’s a good idea to have a provider lawyer involved to prevent problems down the road.

Refinancing, dealing with HOAs and building codes are other common areas of concern for many LegalShield members. LegalShield plans allow you to send your provider lawyer any documents (up to 15 pages each) for review and feedback. Don’t go it alone. Our provider lawyers are here to help you protect your rights and the value of your investment.

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Have a Provider Lawyer Help You Settle Real Estate Disputes

If you’re having a dispute with a neighbour, a contractor, a bank or any other individual or organization related to your property, you probably just want it to end as soon as possible. You have three options.

  1. Get legal advice from a provider lawyer.
  2. Have a provider lawyer write letters or make calls on your behalf.
  3. If the matter still isn't resolved, initiate a lawsuit.

A personal legal plan provides benefits for all 3 options. Assistance as a plaintiff in a lawsuit is covered under the preferred member discount.

A personal legal plan comes with unlimited consultation with your lawyer on an unlimited number of legal matters, letters and calls on your behalf to settle disputes and 25% off hourly rates as a plaintiff in a civil matter. If you are a named defendant in a covered civil suit, your plan includes trial defence time for no additional cost.

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So helpful & professional. They saved me thousands of dollars with the knowledge they provided. If I had not called LegalShield for advice, I would have been bullied by the other party in my real estate contract. Thanks, LegalShield and [my provider law firm]!

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