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Affordable Legal Protection

Our plans offer the most complete and affordable legal assistance available. Whether it’s for you or your family, we have a plan to protect everybody.

Legal issues can be costly. We’ve leveled the playing field.

Expected and unexpected legal issues arise every day. But with a LegalShield Legal Plan, a small monthly fee gets you access to advice and counsel on an unlimited number of personal legal issues from lawyers with an average of 19 years experience.

Unlimited Consulting

Legal issues can take time to resolve. With LegalShield you don’t have to worry about how much time.

Consumer Finance

Review contracts from companies you’re having a dispute with and provide you specific advice on how to resolve the situation.

Speeding Ticket Assistance

A speeding ticket gets issued once every second. Join the same day you get ticketed and it’s covered!

Contract & Document Review

We'll review an unlimited number of documents, up to 15 pages each.

We’re here 24/7, 365 days a year. We’re just a tap away when you use the emergency access button inside our mobile app.

Estate Planning

Work directly with a lawyer to create a customized living will that is tailored to you and your family's needs.

Canadian Member
Such a wide range of benefits and I don't need to seek out and make expensive appointments (both in time and money) when I just need some advice and assurance.

Why Choose LegalShield?

As one of the first companies in North America to provide legal expense plans to consumers, we are currently protecting and empowering more than 4.1 million lives  across the U.S and Canada.

With  over 650 employers dedicated to serving you, our promise remains the same: to provide outstanding legal services by quality law firms at an affordable price.

Let Us Do the Legwork

No one ever plans on legal trouble, but when life throws you a curveball lawyers can make sense of the complexities and help you come out on top.  Whether it’s as simple as writing a demand letter or have the lawyer make a call on your behalf or it's an issue that leads to time in court, you can breathe easy.   LegalShield has your best interests in mind.  

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How it works

Helen R.
Canadian Member
I have always received prompt, courteous service that gives advice and information that is complete and more than adequate for any situation. The lawyers relate to their 'customer' with genuine interest in them and their situation. Thank you to all.

Your Membership Includes:

Unlimited Consulting
Speeding Ticket Assistance
Demand Letters & Phone Calls
24/7 Emergency Assistance
Unlimited Contract Review (Up to 15 pages each)
Will, Living Will, & Power of Attorney
Uncontested Adoption Representation
Durable Power of Attorney
Trial Defense Services
Uncontested Divorce or Separation
Uncontested Name Change
Residential Loan Document Assistance
Collections, Warranties, and Guaranties

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Your plan can cover you, your spouse, and your dependents or children for $24.95/mo*