Legal Plans Designed for Ultimate Protection.

LegalShield believes everyone deserves legal protection. And for over 45 years, LegalShield has provided members with affordable legal access.

As a member, you can get help with any personal legal issue. From estate planning to traffic tickets, leases, and contracts you’ll have an experienced lawyer on your side for one low monthly fee.

Protect Yourself and Your Family

Our legal plans cover you, your spouse, and your dependent children* for one low price.

Advice & Consultation

Legal issues can take time to resolve, with LegalShield you don’t have to worry about how much time.

Document Review Preparation

Unlimited contract and document review up to 15 pages each.

Traffic Tickets

A speeding ticket gets issued once every second. Join the same day you get ticketed and it’s covered!

Collections & Warranties

Have a disagreement with a collection agency or a company's warranty policy? Give us a call, we've got your back.

Family Law

Family needs are diverse and complex, we can guide you through any challenge big or small.

Landlord & Tenant Agreements

Work directly with and attorney to protect yourself and your home.

Emergency Access to an Attorney

We provide 24/7 emergency access to an attorney for situations where you and your family are at the greatest risk.

  • You are detained
  • You are searched
  • You are deprived of immediate liberty
  • You are in an auto accident
  • You are served with a warrant
  • The State attempts to take custody of your child

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Advice, Consultation and Trial Defense

Legal Guidance for all issues, like demand letters, attorney calls, and document review.

  • Speak with an attorney about any legal matter including pre-existing conditions, and receive up to 1 hour of research with follow-up.
  • Phone calls made on your behalf when you need it.
  • Letters written on your behalf when you need it.

Personal Document Review

  • Get unlimited legal document review, up to 15 pages each.
  • Tenant/Lease Document Review
  • Oil & Gas Lease Review

Trial Defense Services

  • Get access to top, award winning, tier attorney's with an average of 19 years of experience.
  • Get civil lawsuit coverage for your and your family if they are named defendant or respondent in a covered civil action.
  • Accumulate up to 300 hours of Trial Defense with your membership.

Who We Are & Our Passion

In 1969, an Oklahoma insurance salesman named Harland Stonecipher was in a car accident. Even though he was not at fault, Harland had trouble paying the expensive legal fees from the accident. He did not want others to be caught in the same financial predicament. Three years later, Harland became the founder, chairman, and Chief Executive Officer of Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc.

Harland pioneered the idea of a proprietary network of law firms that makes legal representation accessible and affordable. For 40 years, Harland led his company from a one-room operation to being listed on the New York Stock Exchange in 1999. Today, this vision of affordable quality legal services is known as LegalShield. Although Harland passed away in November of 2014, LegalShield is stronger than ever, with over 1.7 million members and coverage in all 50 states.


Document Preparation

Legal issues happen. Let us take care of the paperwork.

Standard & Living Will

If the worst should happen, know that your loved ones and prized possessions are cared for.

  • Get a strong, personalized document that you create with an attorney's consultation. Not a template from a website.
  • Get legal advice on the distribution of your assets (annual reviews and updates included).

Personal Document Review

Ensure your healthcare wishes will be followed even if you cannot voice your opinion, appoint an agent to make choices for you should you be become unable.

  • Create a customized plan of action using your attorney's experience and know-how.
  • Be informed about your states' specific requirements for healthcare power of attorney.
  • Streamline attorney forms and the process by using a professional who can counsel you.

Trial Defense Services

Are you ready? Let us help you prepare to buy your primary residence.

  • Mortgage documents (required of the borrower by the lender) prepared by your attorney.
  • Benefit from legal advice about types of residential loans.
  • Get unlimited free consultation.

Motor Vehicle Services

Even the best drivers face tickets and accidents.

Traffic Tickets & Moving Violations
Be ready for the unexpected with expert legal advice and defense.

  • Received a speeding ticket? Contact us immediately for support.
  • Involved in a crash? Get up to 2.5 hours of help with property damage collection.
  • Get up to 2.5 hours of attorney time for help reinstating a driver's license.

IRS Audit Legal Services

Stay confident with legal advice and consultation if you get audited.

Audit Defense Service
Don't go it alone against the IRS.

  • Unlimited consultation.
  • Up to 50 hours of attorney time for an IRS audit.
  • Legal representation should you find yourself in a courtroom.

Family Law

We have the legal resources you need to protect your loved ones.

Name Change Assistance

Go from hours of forms and filing to just minutes with attorney assistance in changing your name.

  • Get legal forms preparation and attorney time for court appearance.
  • Uncontested changes include all required consents and are not challenged.

Separation & Divorce Representation

We will be there for you through divorce, legal separation, or civil annulment.

  • Get unlimited free consultation.
  • Lower your court costs and get your paperwork in order.
  • Draft your agreement or annulment with an experience team of attorneys.

Adoption Representation

Adoption can be simple and straightforward with the right legal support.

  • Get a strong, personalized document that you create with your attorney's consultation. Not a template from a website.
  • Get legal advice on the distribution of your assets.

Save Time and Money with a Legal Plan

Ordinarily all these services would cost $1,000s but with a legal plan it is included.


What legal services could cost you:

  • Attorney prepared Living Will & Will - $1000
  • Contract and document Review - $400
  • Name change - 12+ hours to minutes
  • Mortgage review on your primary home - $500
  • Unlimited consultation
  • Adoption services - $2000
  • Uncontested divorce - $300