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Courtroom Protection for Your Business

LegalShield’s Small Business Trial Defence Supplement offers affordable trial defence services in the event your business is a named defendant in a covered lawsuit.

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Trial Defence Services

Sometimes, businesses run into legal issues and are named as a defendant in a lawsuit. A Small Business Trial Defence Supplement can be added to an active Small Business Pro or Small Business Plus membership.

For $14.95 per month added onto your Small Business Legal Plan, your business will receive 100 hours of trial defense services (25 hours of pre-trial time and 75 hours of trial time) for covered civil lawsuits. Pre-trial time can be used for pre-trial conferences, pleadings, depositions and more.

25% Member Discount

You will also receive a 25% discount from the provider lawyer’s hourly rate for trial defence services that exceed the provided trial defence hours. Save money on legal services for your business.

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