Avoid Unexpected Legal Fees if You're Sued

A personal legal plan from LegalShield provides comprehensive help for nearly all legal situations, including trials. Standard plan benefits include time for your lawyer to conduct pre-trial research and defend you at a covered civil trial. Because trials can be time consuming and expensive, many LegalShield members like to add extra trial defence time to their plan.

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Advice and Consultation to Keep You Out of Court

An argument with a landlord over a security deposit. A dispute with a car dealer regarding your lease agreement. Defaulting on a mortgage or being delinquent on credit card payments. The complexity of modern life can lead to disputes that land you in court.

If you’re having a disagreement with an individual or a business, the best first step is to contact your lawyer to get legal advice that can protect you from being sued. All LegalShield personal plans allow you to call your lawyer to get advice and counsel on an unlimited number of legal issues.

Get Legal Support, Before Trial and in the Courtroom
Personal Legal Plan + Trial Defence Supplement just $44.90/Month

Letters and Calls to Settle Disputes Before Trial

When legal issues become a bit more serious or you’ve been threatened to be sued, your lawyer can write letters on their letterhead or make phone calls on your behalf to diffuse disagreements and negotiate settlements. 
For as little as $29.95/month, you, your spouse and your dependent children can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing you can call your lawyer at any time and that they can write letters and make phone calls to help resolve legal problems. When your lawyer helps keep a small argument from spiraling into a lawsuit, you’ll be very glad you have a legal plan from LegalShield Canada. 

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Legal Protection for Lawsuits, and Much More
Our Most Popular Plan is Just $29.95/Month
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Document Review and Trial Defence Services

Many civil lawsuits involve contracts or other documents that are at the center of an argument. Your personal legal plan allows you to submit any documents (up to 15 pages) each to your lawyer. They will review the documents and provide specific feedback to help guide your response. Document review is another invaluable part of your legal plan designed to prevent you from being sued.   

In the unfortunate situation that you or your spouse find themselves as a named defendant in a covered civil lawsuit, don’t stress. Your legal plan includes trial defence services. Each year you are a member of LegalShield Canada, you earn additional lawyer time for pre-trial research and for actual defence at trial. 

See the next section for more detail on the trial defence benefit and optional supplement.

Protect Yourself, and Your Family with Legalshield
Personal Legal Plan + Trial Defence Supplement just $44.90/Month

The Benefits of Our Trial Defence Supplement

All legal plans come with trial defence hours as a standard benefit. Because trials can be time consuming and expensive, many LegalShield Canada members like to add extra trial defence time to their base plan. If you are concerned about being sued, now is the time to upgrade your plan by adding our Trial Defence Supplement. The supplement cannot be added after you’ve already been sued. Hours are split between pre-trial research and time at trial defending your rights.

Trial Defence Hours
Membership YearResearch HoursPre-trial HoursTrial HoursTotal Hours

Your Membership Includes:

Consultation on unlimited personal legal issues
Demand letters & phone calls
Unlimited personal legal contract review (up to 15 pages each)
24/7 Emergency assistance
A lawyer drafted Will, Living Will and Power of lawyer + yearly updates
Trial defence services
Uncontested adoption, divorce and separation assistance
Help with CRA audits and residential loan documents
Consumer finance issues related to collections, warranties and guarantees

Protect Your Family Before it’s Too Late

Trial defence benefits do not apply to pre-existing conditions. If you’re concerned about any legal issues, join now and lock in your legal protection.