Renters Legal Advice from a Tenant Lawyer




Renters Legal Advice from a Tenant Lawyer


Terminating a lease

  • Are you having an issue renewing your lease?
  • Do you need to terminate your lease early?
  • Is your landlord refusing to return your entire security deposit?

Your lawyer can work to resolve end of lease issues that could arise with your landlord.

While living in a rental

  • Has your landlord violated the lease?
  • Did your landlord fail to make necessary repairs?
  • Are you having a dispute over subletting?

Your lawyer can contact your landlord to resolve disputes on your behalf.

End of lease transition

  • Are you unsure if you’re allowed to use a tenant’s security deposit?
  • Do you or a tenant want to terminate the lease early?
  • Are you stuck with a tenant that won’t leave?

Resolve end of lease issues as quickly and inexpensively as possible by having a lawyer help you understand the laws in your province.

A legal plan gives renters the power to push back

Renters have rights under federal and provincial law. Our experienced Provider Lawyers are here to advise you on how and when to exercise your rights.

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A LegalShield plan helps with:

  • Getting legal advice to make good decisions
  • Preparing legal documents
  • Having your lawyer resolve disputes on your behalf
  • Defending yourself in court
  • Saving on legal service and big name brands

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Understand your rights and responsibilities as a renter

  • Many common lease terms, including the amount of rent, can be negotiated. For example, you can agree to maintain part of the property in exchange for a reduction in rent.
  • Provincial and local laws often limit the security deposit a landlord can charge, and other key terms of a lease.

A lawyer familiar with the laws in your province can help find unlawful terms in your lease. Understating what your landlord can and cannot do under the law is key to exercising your rights and protecting yourself.

A LegalShield plan lets you upload legal documents, such as a lease, right in our app. A lawyer familiar with leasing laws in your province will review and follow up with advice within 3 business days.


How to protect your rights while renting

Educate yourself

Enter a lease with confidence and get a clear understanding of common lease terms and conditions.

Get a great deal

Discover how to negotiate changes to fees and other standard terms.

Know your rights

Understand renter protection policies under federal, provincial and local law.

Protect your rights

Explore the 5 Questions you should ask every landlord before you sign a lease.

Get access to an entire law firm in your province

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Seek legal advice to manage common renter challenges


Once you’re living in a rental unit, there are a variety of legal issues that can pop up along the way. A lawyer can be a big help with common challenges such as:

  • Dealing with a landlord who has failed to make necessary repairs to take action.
  • Negotiating a sublease or pet exception when it’s prohibited by the lease you signed.
  • Settling a financial dispute if a roommate doesn’t pay and the landlord is seeking payment.
  • Fighting an unlawful eviction.
  • Ending your lease early without incurring financial penalties.

If you’re unsure of your rights or how to proceed, speaking to a lawyer can provide clarity and peace of mind.

Resolve disputes

Learn how to negotiate with your landlord, terminate a lease early and more.

A plan from LegalShield gives you access to a Provider Law firm dedicated to solving your needs, all at an affordable cost

Eviction notices

Understand the steps to take when you receive an eviction notice.

A plan from LegalShield gives you access to a Provider Law firm dedicated to solving your needs, all at an affordable cost

Eviction defences

Explore powerful legal defences to pause or stop an eviction.

A plan from LegalShield gives you access to a Provider Law firm dedicated to solving your needs, all at an affordable cost

Resources to make lease end easy


There are lots of moving parts at the end of a lease and you’d be well served by speaking with a lawyer to help you navigate your options and prevent unnecessary financial damage. In the meantime, check out these helpful articles, checklists and templates.

Security deposits

Many provinces require landlords to return security deposits within 14 days. What’s the story in your province?

Learn more

Property damage

If your landlord is claiming you’ve caused property damage, there are powerful laws to protect you.

Learn more

Early termination

Experienced lawyers can help you end your lease early without incurring financial penalties.

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Did you know that if you stay in your rental unit after lease end, pay rent and your landlord accepts your payments, you may be in a new lease term?

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