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Get Affordable Advice from a Real Estate Lawyer Near You

Buying and selling real estate involves huge, life-altering decisions. Having a lawyer help you steer clear of landmines and protect your financial well-being is important.

For as little as $32.95 per month, you can get legal assistance with a variety of real estate-related issues including getting legal advice, mortgage document review and even help to resolve disputes.


How it works

Legal issues can be confusing, complicated, and even a little embarrassing. Save time, save money, and protect yourself and your family with a legal plan today. Here’s how it works.


Become a member

Sign up for your Personal Legal Plan, and then head to accounts.legalshield.com to set up your account. Be sure to add your spouse and dependant children.

Download LegalShield app

Download our app, it’s like having a lawyer in your pocket. Our customer service agents are available 24/7 to help guide you.

Get legal help

From the app you can choose to call your law firm, submit a traffic ticket, start your Will or other documents, request emergency legal help, and more. It’s that easy.

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Get the power of legal protection

Family Plans start at only $32.95 per month.