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Join the LegalShield Law Firm Referral Network.

The World of Legal Services is Changing

LegalShield offers individuals, families and businesses access to lawyers that allow them to get the legal help they need for a small monthly fee they can afford. Our company has been around for over 47 years and has over 4.5 million individual and business members.

We are committed to making certain our members get the legal help they need, so we partner with quality attorneys that can serve our members when we cannot.

There is zero revenue split or commission. There is no marketing fee. As such, this opportunity is completely legitimate and legal. We want to send you case referrals. For free.


Why You Should Join



You can get new clients without any marketing effort or expense. All you have to do is fill out the application to join.



You’ll get to network with other lawyers in your local region. You can build robust relationships that can enhance your skills and enjoyment of practicing law.



You’ll get access to our national CLE event called Elevate. Elevate allows you to network beyond your local market and earn CLE credits at a reduced rate.

How it Works

Do a great job for your new clients and you’ll continue to get more referrals.
It really is that simple.


Take 10 minutes to fill out our online


Get approved within a few days.


Get free referrals.

What Our Current Lawyers Are Saying


We hope you now see the
value of joining our referral
network and take 10 minutes
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements to join the network?


  • Have at least two years of experience as a licensed lawyer.

  • Have current, certified malpractice insurance.

  • Have no disciplinary actions against you.

Is there a fee split, revenue share, referral fee or marketing fee?


No. See next question for more information. 

How much does it cost to be part of the network?


There is no fee to join. There is no fee to maintain your membership. There is no commission or revenue split.

We need to help our members and we’re happy to connect them to reputable lawyers when we can’t help them directly.

All of our legal plans include a 25% discount off standard hourly rates. When you apply, you let us know your standard hourly rates and then offer referred members the same 25% discount we do.

How many referrals will I get?


LegalShield serves members in the U.S. and Canada. We have thousands of cases come in every single day. However, as you can imagine, we don’t know exactly when cases that need to be referred out will come in or how many there will be in any particular location or area of law.

It’s impossible to say how many case referrals you will get. We can’t make any specific promises.

Is there anything I can do to increase the number of referrals I receive?


Like any referral relationship, if you stay in contact and do great work when we send you cases, you’re more likely to be top of mind next time something pops up that fits your area. 

What type of cases will be offered to me?


When you join the LegalShield referral network, you will provide information about the nature of your practice, areas of expertise, average fees, etc. We will refer only cases that match your desired client profile. 

Is this legal in my jurisdiction?


Yes. You may have read articles about situations that sound similar and how they violated revenue sharing rules or were otherwise illegal.

As mentioned, there is no money changing hands. We are simply referring clients to you that we can’t help. If you engage with any referral we send, it’s no different than a person contacting you because their friend recommended you.

Do I have to take the cases you refer to me?


No. You can refuse any referral, for any reason. Out of town? Fine. Not a fit for your skills? Fine. Client load maxing you out that month? Fine.

You are under no obligation to accept any referral and there will be no hard feelings. We understand not everything is a fit and we’ll try you again next time.

How are conflicts handled?


Before accepting a case, you should screen for conflicts. If a conflict arises during representation, the matter can be referred to someone else.

Does LegalShield interfere with my independent professional judgment while representing a client?


No. If you accept a referral from LegalShield, you work with the client just like you work with any of your other clients. 

How do I make arrangements to represent a client?


You form the lawyer client relationship on your terms, the same as you always do. You can require an in-office conference, a written fee agreement or an up front retainer. Whatever the situation merits, in your opinion, is fine. 

How do the referrals come to me?


We conduct initial consultations to determine if there is a real legal need. If there is a need for a lawyer and we can’t help directly, we’ll contact you by email or phone to discuss the case and forward any documents we may have collected. We can contact you directly, another lawyer at your firm, an administrator you assign or whomever you deem best equipped to field referrals. 

Will LegalShield judge my performance?


Since client satisfaction is paramount, LegalShield will survey members referred to you regarding their experience and share the feedback with you. LegalShield intends for this feedback to be constructive and to make your practice stronger.